Restauration of Icons


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Materials change more or less conspicuously in the course of time, according to their consistency and the intensity of the changing factors.

Icons do not make any exception to this rule. Almost every icon ages and alters its outward appearance in time, one more than another. This process affects the icon's whole structure: the specific base material (usually wood), as well as the painting itself and the varnish coating.

For many centuries the environmental influences have left visible damages on icons: for example military controversies ,catastrophic disasters, noxious insects and traces of use; particularly the careless use of candles which were actually employed to venerate the icons has caused serious incendiary damages.

In order to recognize the kind and intensity of damages and to estimate the possibilities for conservation or restoration, it takes long years of experience in icon restoration. Our gallery offers you over 40 years of experience in icon restoration.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to give you a free and nonobligatory estimate of costs with a fixed price. You will find now following several examples from our long time restoration work.