Restauration of Icons

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Ikone vor der Restaurierung
Detailaufnahme Vor der Restaurierung
The icon before restoration
Close - up photo before restoration
Ikone nach der Restaurierung
The icon after restoration

The pictured icon shows a remarkable North Russian Pantocrator - icon in a very bad state of preservation. The icon was broken and sawed to pieces. The gesso-ground and the consequently also the painting on the left side were ruined through the influence of humidity over a long period of time. A great amount of stabilization and restoration work were involved, in order to get it back into its original condition.

After restoration the icon was shown at the large icon exposition 1998 in the Royal Museum of the Fine Arts in Antwerpen.

The icon is illustrated in the catalogue of the exhibition "D'UN AUTRE MONDE" on page 30 under the number 8.