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A view (summary) of our icons, painted on wood

The Icon Gallery Horst R. Schmied in Dasing-Wessiszell has been offering for over 25 years valuable icons from the period between the 16th to the 19th centuries. The icons concerned are all original works and in first-rate quality.

The gallery is specialized to offer first-quality miniature-paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Around 200 exhibits show the diversity of orthodox icon-painting.

Among these are of course icons representing Jesus Christ and His Mother. The veneration of the Mother of God is an essential element of catholic and orthodox piety (Early Christian piety). She is held in higher esteem than all other saints. Over 700 different motifs showing the Holy Virgin give proof of this.

In Christian terms the word "saint" implies a person who has a special relationship to God. Because of their exemplary lives they have a standard influence on the lives of the multitude of the believers. The saints function as intercedents for troubles and problems between man and God.

St.Nicolas belongs to the most popular saints in both the East and the West. In the gallery his icons are just as numerous as the highly esteemed festival-icons, showing the most important church holidays. Also a great importance is attached to the so-called month-icons, depicting all the saints (and church feasts of a month in the order of the church calendar).

Among the many motifs of the saints the battle of St.George,a saint from Cappadocia, with the dragon is very frequent.Besides these well-known saints of the orthodox church there are other specific ones, such as St.Panteleymon, St.Elijah, the prophet, the 40 martyrs of Sebaste, the patron saints of docters, St.Cosmas and St.Damian, etc. Also St.Parasceve must be mentioned, the protector of marriages and patron saint of the house and of all female professions. The authenticity and the age of the icons are guaranteed with detailed expertises.